I’m a science writer with 30-ish years of experience writing for print, broadcast and the web.

I’ve written about things like volcanology, infectious diseases, climate change, space science, biotechnology and natural disasters. But on this website I focus on the emerging science of medical cannabis and psychedelic medicine.

I have a bachelor-of-science degree (cum laude) in science journalism from the University of Maryland-College Park, 1987. I’ve worked for the State Department writing about international science and technology and the Defense Department writing about military technology and research.

And I’ve worked with producers at the Discovery Channel, writing about a range of scientific topics for documentaries and television programs.

In 2011, I contributed to a feature-length film from the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership called Inside Story. This combined film stars, football and science to educate millions across sub-Saharan Africa about HIV-AIDS.

In 1998, Seven Stories Press in New York published my first book, TRIPS: How Hallucinogens Work in Your Brain, and publishers in Switzerland and France produced hardcover translations.

Now I’m working on my next book, How Cannabis Heals (through an ancient biological system that balances health & disease). If you’d like to hear how it’s going, sign up to get monthly updates and my latest blog posts in Cheryl Pellerin Science: Briefly.

And thanks for visiting cherylpellerinscience.com.